CBD Oil and Homeostasis

Our bodies are composed of eleven major organ systems: nervous, respiratory, circulatory,
muscular, endocrine, immune, lymphatic, skeletal, integumentary, reproductive, and digestive
system. These act in conjunction with one another to keep our bodies functioning; the goal
always being to maintain something called, homeostasis. This term is defined as the body’s
stable internal environment. Our cells are constantly seeking to be in this state of equilibrium.
There are feedback loops that exist within our body that will gauge whether our cells are at the
correct set point, as determined by one’s cells. If these detect that any of our systems are
regressing from this balanced state, they will communicate to other cells and trigger a response
that aids the body in getting back to its homeostatic state. This phenomenon can be thought of as
a thermostat, for example. There exists a gauge in a thermostat that is constantly receiving
information about the temperature in the room and comparing to the set point that has previously
been established; if it detects that the temperature in the room falls below or above this number,
it will either engage the heat or cooling system, respectively. Our bodies act in this same
The eleven systems mentioned above are all intertwined with one another and depend on each
other for proper functioning. The blood, for example, will only carry oxygen to cells once it
receives it from the lungs, etc. If we exercise, there is a need for more oxygen in cells to
compensate for the increase in energy usage; this information is received via cell receptors on
cell membranes and they respond accordingly by communicating to specific organs or tissues
which then cause us to breath more heavily and faster, as well as, to increase the rate at which the
heart pumps, all to resolve the problem as seen by the cells, hence brining the body back to
CBD oil can be used to supplement the body’s own systems and work alongside our own natural
defenses and mechanisms to cultivate overall wellness in the body. For example, CBD oil is an
excellent anti-oxidant that can attach and remove free radicals created by the body, as a result of
oxidative stress. CBD is also non-psychoactive; therefore, one can appreciate the therapeutic
benefits without experiencing the psychological effects of feeling as though one is under the
influence of it.
The means by which CBD oil interacts with the body is via the endocannabinoid system, which
regulates specific tasks in the body, such as immune responses, memory, mood, temperature, and
appetite, for instance. Cannabinoids, such as the CBD oil extracted from hemp, act like the
natural cannabinoids produced by the body. Similar to these, CBD oil will bind to cannabinoid
receptors, which will trigger the release of chemicals in the brain, called neurotransmitters.
These molecules communicate with other cells and transmit messages that function to maintain a
stable internal environment, i.e. homeostasis. Adjustments are made throughout the body when
an issue with the respective set point is off, subsequently, these changes are coordinated via the
cannabinoid receptors and endocannabinoids themselves.
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