CBD’s Entourage Effect – Can It Help Seniors?

The body undergoing the process of aging needs additional support to heal and function properly. CBD tends to have highly effective interaction with various parts of the body that make the body function properly and get rid of various medical discomforts.

 CBD's effects on seniors have been experimented with through various processes. All of them show that CBD tends to interact with the endocannabinoid system of the body. The entourage effect of CBD may make things even better.

CBD Entourage Effect 

The theory of the entourage effect of CBD refers to the use of various compounds of the hemp plant together. The entourage effect theory suggests that using these chemical species as an intricate combination can help induce multiplied numbers of positive effects on health.

A hemp plant is found to have over 100 cannabinoids, unique in their effects and benefits. Imagine multiple cannabinoids helping you heal yourself! That's the concept of the entourage effect of CBD. 

To better understand, try relating to the eleven members of a football team where each player strives to perform their function. One player cannot win the match, but together, the whole team can beat the opponents. Similarly, a "group" of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and CBD should show far better results than CBD alone. 

This article is a complete account of how the entourage effect of CBD may help induce a plethora of health benefits to your body.

Some Minor Cannabinoids and Their Benefits

Minor cannabinoids, hardly under any discussion, are cannabinoids extracted from the hemp plant. Instead, they tend to occur in trace amounts in the hemp plant, varying from 0.01 milligrams to a sheer amount of 7 milligrams per every 1000 milligrams of Hemp plant extracts. 

Their negligible amount in the plant might make you think they're useless, which isn’t the case! You'll better understand if you relate these minor cannabinoids to the phrase "less is more." All the ways CBD helps you have a lot to do with these trace elements found in the hemp plant.  

Although being found in such a trace amount makes it harder to be subjected to extensive research, we know enough about them to let you know how they tend to help CBD with its synergistic effects. 

Let's quickly get through the ways these most popular and widely accepted cannabinoids may help you if you’re a senior: 

  • CBG
  • CBG, more commonly known as Cannabigerol, has been subjected to several tests by scientists for quite some time. All these tests and experiments have helped to analyze the superpowers of this minor cannabinoid. It tends to show relatively high potentials in regards to improving the digestive system and the gut. It also shows antimicrobial properties. 

  • CBN 
  • CBN or cannabinol is another cannabinoid discovered in the hemp plant. CBD may also be converted into CBN through different lab processes. One more way to get it handy is a simple aging process of THC. The major significance of this cannabinoid lies in the experience of several subjects who confirm the assistance of CBN to help them improve their sleeping patterns and ensure a peaceful sleep. 

  • CBC
  • CBC is a cannabichromene that shows strong analgesic properties to help you get faster relief from pains due to various factors. This relief is assisted due to its active interaction with receptors that sense and regulate pain sensations.  

    Some other minor cannabinoids are:

    • Cannabidivarin
    • Cannabidiolic Acid
    • Cannabicitran
    • Tetrahydrocannabivarin 


    Another quite well-known chemical species found in the hemp plant is known as terpenes. Here is a quick eye on the health benefits that come in handy if you consider consuming terpenes. 

    Health Benefits of Terpenes:

    Terpenes tend to play a significant role in the entourage effect of CBD. Here’s how! 

  • Beta-Caryophyllene
  • Known for its incredibly high potential to help relieve inflammation, Beta-Caryophyllene shows a considerable level of interaction with CB2 receptors of the brain. Terpenes do not get you high as well. 

  • Linalool
  • Linalool is found in the hemp plant and lavender as well. Its antimicrobial tendencies may blow your mind. Due to its ability to interact with factors of the nervous system, it has been found to be an effective treatment for depression and anxiety. 

  • Guaiol
  • All loaded with antiparasitic tendencies, guaiol can help immuno-strength fight parasites like tapeworms and other threatening factors. 

    Health Benefits of CBD for Elders 

    According to various reports, it's evident how people over 55 years of age and almost 85% of those over 65 fall prey to various chronic diseases. Even very healthy seniors tend to have at least one chronic illness. Most of these diseases lack permanent treatments in many cases. Sometimes a patient finds it hard to go through the invasive treatments required for the permanent solution. 

    Issues as minimal as sleeplessness to chronic ones like arthritis tend to become a part of life as age advances. CBD's entourage effect has all the potential ingredients to help provide relief and comfort in all such conditions.


    • CBD is safe for Senior citizens 
    • It doesn’t have the potential to get you high. 
    • It’s a potential alternative to certain medications.
    • Contributes to overall body fitness and well-being. 

    Here’s how!

  • Analgesic Effects:
  • National Library of Medicine has been working on how CBD tends to relieve pain. A study conducted in 2020 suggested that CBD'S entourage effect might help reduce pain sensations through its impact on the pain receptors in the body and the nerve endings. It can actively interact with the receptors and induce calming effects. That's how we have seen many seniors get their chronic pains relieved without any invasive treatments, merely by adding. CBD to their regular routines. 

  • Getting Rid Of Inflammation
  • Hemp is a miraculous combination of several chemical compounds like terpenes, Cannabinoids, flavonoids, etc. All these compounds, when paired up, tend to show strong healing effects on the body. According to recent research, they offer an extensively high anti-oxidative potential. The results might not be immediate. But not only it heals the persisting damage, but it also tends to prevent damages from occurring in the future. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effects are not targeted. They tend to affect the whole body, ensuring an overall body healing session every day.

  • Improvement In Sleeping Patterns:
  • Aging and degenerative processes in the body may result in restless sleep. As a result, some seniors experience insomnia or find it hard to fall asleep. Some of them tend to go through a situation where even sleeping for several hours leaves them restless, and the fatigue is never relieved. That's where CBD comes to help! 

    According to the National Library of Medicine, CBD and other minor cannabinoids help induce better sleeping patterns. It also aids in enhancing the quality of sleep. This way, CBD can help with various sleep disorders without any addiction or getting you high. 

  • Enhancement of Appetite
  • Many seniors going through chronic diseases experience loss of appetite as a side effect. Also, the factor of aging leads to a weaker digestive system and reduced appetite. Loss of appetite is the cause of many other problems such as weakness. It's important to figure things out in time and treat them as well, and it's believed that using CBD is the answer to all of your questions. 

    CBD and especially Guaiol possess an antiparasitic potential that helps get rid of any parasites in the alimentary canal. In turn, this improves the functioning of the gut and enhances appetite. 

  • A Potential Alternative to Medications:
  • The potential qualities of CBD to help relieve various medical conditions and discomforts makes it a suitable replacement. CBD can help relieve many people's discomforts through its antidepressant properties, and many individuals who previously consumed antidepressants have found that CBD can relieve them quite effectively. So they could easily replace their antidepressants with this miraculous natural product.  

    There are several other ways CBD may help you maintain overall health and get rid of other invasive treatments.  

  • Stronger Immune System:
  • In general, the immune system of older people appears to be weaker than that of younger people. It means they need additional support to strengthen the immune system. CBD shows an active interaction with cytokines and chemokines. Also, it may help in the regulation of cell induction. Regular intake of CBD can boost your immune system and help keep it strong. You are also protected from other potential threats to your health if your immune system is strong. A strong immune system can easily fight off diseases.


    Summing everything up, it won't be an exaggeration to say that CBD, when paired up with other chemical species in the hemp plant, can do wonders to the body functions in seniors. When exposed to the incredible entourage effect of CBD, the continuously deteriorating and degenerating body of older people goes through thorough healing, head to toe. Consequently, a combination of different cannabinoids or chemical compounds of hemp or cannabis is often more effective than CBD alone. The magical powers of CBD, flavonoids, terpenes, and other minor cannabinoids can do wonders if used in the right amounts. 


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