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Doctors and CBD: Asking your Doctor about CBD

Talking to your doctor about CBD might be a conversation that you’re afraid to start. Don’t be afraid. Doctors and CBD are becoming friends. More doctors are educating themselves about CBD and its potential. You might think that your doctor is against anything that hast to do with the hemp or cannabis plants, but unless you start the conversation, you’ll never know.

Doctors and CBD

Doctors and CBD are finding their way into sentences together more these days. Science is helping to bring CBD into the spotlight. Doctors are acknowledging the findings as well. In fact, some doctors have even approached their patients about CBD in states where it’s legal.


One thing that doctors and CBD have in common is maintaining compliance standards. For doctors, discussing anything that has to do with cannabis is considered taboo since it’s still illegal. Hemp, on the other hand, is now legal so more doctors are opening up to conversations about hemp and hemp-derived products like CBD.

Doctors don’t want to risk their licenses, so if you live in Nebraska, Idaho or South Dakota where CBD is explicitly illegal, you might want to hold off on the doctors and CBD conversation.

Ask Your Doctor’s Opinion

One way to know what your doctor’s position on CBD is is to ask his or her opinion of it. A doctor that has taken the time to do some research and reading should have a solid answer. A physician that hasn’t done any research or educating might say something like, “I’ve heard good things about it”. If you get an answer that starts with “I’ve heard” or “I hear”, your doctor might not be prepared to have the CBD conversation with you.

Ask your Doctor These Questions

If your doctor has signaled that he or she is comfortable discussing CBD with you, there are a few questions to ask.

Ask these questions:

  • Will CBD make me high?
  • Where does CBD come from?
  • How much should I take?
  • Can I take it with my current medication?
  • When should I use CBD?

It is important that you have the answers to these questions. CBD doesn’t interact with many pharmaceuticals but has been associated with a few adverse interactions with some blood thinners, beta blockers and liver medications. Print a copy of this CBD and drug interactions list to take along with you for your doctor to reference.

Don’t Be Afraid to Start the Conversation 

What you’ll find with most doctors and CBD conversations is that doctors are more open to these discussions than in years past. Remember, you doctor’s opinion does matter but in the end – it’s your body and your choice. You do have a say when it comes to your treatment – especially if you are experiencing side effects of pharmaceuticals and wish to take an alternative medicine route.

It’s your doctor’s job to take care of your medical needs, but it is also their job to take what you want into consideration when it comes to your care.

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to doctors and CBD, or even cannabis in general – don’t be afraid to start the conversation. Your doctor may be on-board with you using CBD. Some may just not know enough about it to be able to have a helpful conversation. You won’t know if you don’t bring up the topic yourself.

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