How Can CBD Combat The Effects Of Aging?

CBD is widely known for its potential to reverse and slow down aging signs. Studies show its remarkable properties to act as an antioxidant. Also, it aids the production of optimal amounts of sebum from sebaceous glands. This way, when your skin is all hydrated and moisturized, it ultimately feels younger and softer. CBD is also known to help maintain the formation of collagen protein in the body. Collagen protein is substantially essential to maintain skin tightness.

CBD helps fight the internal as well as external factors of aging. So generally, there are various benefits of CBD for seniors. Adding CBD to your daily regime can slow down the aging process and help you look much younger than you are.

CBD, being a potent antioxidant, also fights free radicals. These free radicals are also accumulated in your body if you're a habitual smoker. Now the question arises of how these free radicals are related to aging. The free radicals will enhance the rate of cell degeneration, which is a potential factor of aging in the body. So let's figure out how CBD can help with aging.

CBD And Aging; Factors Of Aging:

The process of Aging starts at the age of 20 and gradually speeds up as the age advances. There are various factors, external as well as internal, that cause aging in human beings. External factors affect you according to how frequently you're exposed to them whereas, internal factors largely depend on your genes and the nutritional value of your food. Although it's impossible to stop aging completely, you can slow it down with the help of CBD. But for that, you need to learn about its factors.

  1. Decline In Collagen Production:

Collagen is responsible for keeping your skin firm at all times. It's a protein that keeps your skin from getting wrinkled and saggy. As your age advances, collagen formation starts declining. As a result, your skin would begin to wrinkle, which is why wrinkles are a sign of aging.

  1. Elastin Protein

Elastin protein builds up elasticity in your skin. No matter how hard you pull, it restores itself. That is what we mean by elasticity. Soft and supple skin is all due to elastin protein. But just like collagen formation, elastin formation also tends to decline. Thus, gravity starts affecting the skin causing it to sag down.

  1. Reduced Oil Production

The skin has sebaceous glands that secrete oil to keep it moisturized and glowing. It helps to lock in moisture and keep the skin soft and plump at all times. But as a natural aging mechanism, the oil production in these sebaceous glands starts to decline. As a result, your skin becomes dull and dry and needs additional hydration and moisturizing agents.

  1. Loss of Facial Fat

After the fifties, you may start losing facial fat around the nose, chin, temples, eyes, and cheeks. It makes the bones more prominent, hence giving your face a skeletal appearance. It is a common sign observed in most older people.

External Factors:

Some of the factors in the environment tend to induce aging signs in your body. Following are some of the main external aging factors:

  1. Ultraviolet Rays: It increases the breakdown of elastin protein in the skin.
  2. Gravity: As age advances, the eyelids start drooping down, also you may experience longer earlobes. All of this is due to gravity. Gravity may also make your skin saggy.
  3. Obesity: It may cause your skin and nails to lose luster.
  4. Smoking: Smoking alters blood flow and harshly affects the respiratory tract.
  5. Bad Diet: It's observed that people consuming more junk food tend to develop aging signs way faster than people who consume a healthy and balanced diet.

How Does CBD Help with Aging Factors?

  • CBD helps with the production of Collagen protein. As your aging process accelerates, it increases its production. Consequently, your skin won't sag like it usually does. Collagen formation is badly affected by free radicals, which are almost everywhere in the environment. Its antioxidative properties help combat free radicals.
  • Hormonal imbalance is another significant effect of aging. Advancing age comes along with imbalanced hormones resulting in issues like unpredictable moods and behaviors. People also get a hard time sticking to a proper diet and fixed sleep schedules. That's where CBD comes into play. The Endocannabinoid system controls various functions like sleep regulation, appetite, and hormone production. CBD may improve all these functions through its active interaction with the endocannabinoid system.
  • Oils produced by your skin are healthy oils. This oil is called sebum, and the glands responsible for secreting it are known as sebaceous glands. Sebum ensures that moisture is always locked into your skin. Also, the plumpness in your skin is all due to sebum. Aging also leads to the declined secretion of sebum. CBD oil can help restore the moisture and plumpness of the skin.

CBD and Aging: 5 Ways CBD Slows Down Aging

  1. Reduces Wrinkles

CBD Oil is being subjected to experiments and studies all across the globe to figure out its anti-aging effects on the skin. Luckily researchers have found miraculous antioxidative potentials of CBD. It helps CBD to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. Wrinkles, pigmentation, and fine lines are considered prime signs of aging. Therefore, many beauty products use CBD as an ingredient to induce anti-aging effects on the skin. This way, CBD can help you age gracefully without having any apparent signs on the skin, especially on the face.

  1. Manages Stress

Aging may cause imbalanced production of cortisol hormone. The cortisol hormone induces stress. CBD helps the brain in the modulation of cortisol levels in the body and can help reduce stress.

  1. Helps Improve Bad Skin Conditions

Bad skin Conditions may make your skin look older and dull. Treating these conditions through the right products can help your skin look healthier and younger. CBD is found to have the potential ability to reduce inflammation and other symptoms. It also helps the scars to vanish away. Moreover, adults who are already going through aging might find medications harsh. Sticking to natural products like CBD can be tremendously helpful.

  1. Increases Elasticity Of Skin

Are you missing your supple skin? Is your skin getting saggy and leathery day by day? That’s nothing but common signs of aging. We’re all destined to go through a process of aging. This is because the elasticity of your skin starts to decrease gradually. Various factors can elevate the process, such as exposure to harmful sun rays, smoking, malnutrition, etc. In cases like these, it's generally recommended to use natural products, and CBD is found to have abilities to keep your skin fresh and supple without any harsh or harmful side effects.

  1. Improves Sleep

CBD can play a significant role in the improvement of sleep quality. This potential of CBD is responsible for its significant role in anti-aging. Various regenerative processes take place during sleep. Also, a wrong sleeping schedule and insomnia mean that you'll wake up with dark circles, eye bags, and puffy eyes. All these factors make you look even older. CBD can help reduce insomnia as well. Reducing the production of cortisol hormone in the bloodstream, CBD reduces stress which is a prime factor that makes it harder to sleep.

If you want CBD to show its anti-aging effects, you have to pair it up with the following health tips:

  • Always wear a good sunblock that can protect you from the ultraviolet radiation of the Sun. Exposure to UV rays can fasten the process of aging up to multiple times.
  • Hydrate your body well. Drink at least 8-12 glasses of water every day. It can play a crucial role in improving your skin's moisture as well as overall body functions. All the metabolic and anabolic activities of your body need an aqueous medium.
  • Consume a balanced diet, and avoid junk food.
  • Try to take a good 8 hours of sleep every night to improve regeneration and healing.

Choose the Right CBD Product For Anti-aging Effects:

The above tips, when coupled with regular intake of the right CBD products, are a match made in heaven. When looking for something that may slow down aging, here are some tips for picking the right CBD product.

  • High-potential topical creams and ointments are meant to be applied to the areas affected. Buy them if you’re looking for a solution to scars, wrinkles, fine lines, eye bags, or pigmentation.
  • Make sure to keep into consideration information like the ratio of cannabinoids in the product. Especially, look for the amount of THC. Most legal systems allow up to 0.3% THC only.
  • Good research is always necessary. Don't trust any brand out there. Go for the licensed ones. If the products are tested and guaranteed by a third party, it’s even better.
  • Consider taking expert advice and figure out if you need full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate CBD.


If you feel aging mechanisms taking place in your body, it's probably the right time to add CBD to your daily life. The way CBD affects your body's overall mechanisms can help slow down the aging process. It can combat the factors of aging as well. CBD can be used to cure as well as prevent signs of aging in seniors, and that too without any abrasive treatments or side effects.


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