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How Long do the Effects of CBD Last?

It’s often asked how long the effects of CBD last. It’s not exactly a straight-forward answer. We’ll explain why there are several different answers to this frequently asked question.

Individual Body Considerations

To determine how long the effects of CBD last for you, it’s important to take factors of your own body into consideration. Your overall body mass matters. A larger bodied person may not experience the effects as long as someone of a smaller stature. This is because a person with a larger body mass may need a larger dose to experience the same length of effects as a smaller person.

Your metabolism also matters. Those with a faster metabolism may metabolize CBD out of their bodies faster.

Delivery Method

There are several different delivery methods for CBD. Each one enters the bloodstream in a different way, so the effects of CBD last in different lengths of time also based on delivery method. CBD oils, for example, enter the bloodstream faster due to sublingual absorption. Typically, the effects of CBD may be noticed in as little as 5 minutes when CBD oil or tinctures are used. The effects may last up to 3 – 4 hours depending on your body and the dose used.

If you use a CBD capsule or edible, it’s important to be patient.  These require digestion, which typically takes between 45 minutes and 1 hour. Depending on the amount of CBD in the edible or capsule, the effects of CBD last up to 8 hours.

CBD topicals may start working within minutes and may last several hours. Every topical is made differently, so for this reason; it is difficult to pinpoint a specific timeframe regarding how long the effects will last in this manner.

The effects of CBD vape come on rather quickly as it is a quick delivery method. The effects might last a couple of hours depending on how many puffs you take and how much CBD is inhaled in each puff.

Dose Matters

Dose also matters when determining how long the effects of CBD last. Smaller doses typically last an hour or two. Larger doses may last as long as 8 hours. Some CBD users prefer to microdose multiple times a day.

Microdosing is beneficial because a smaller amount of cannabinoids is delivered to the body several times a day. This helps the endocannabinoid system maintain its balance a little better than being hit with larger doses once or twice a day.

You must take time to allow your body to adjust to CBD oil when you first start using it. Just like with any prescribed medication, natural options work the same way – they take time as your body adjusts. New users should wait a week or two before increasing their starting dose. While there is no known unsafe dose of CBD, your body can build up a tolerance and will start to rely on those larger doses more frequently – this can get very expensive. Take a couple of weeks to see what dose satisfies your needs best.

Closing Thoughts

The effects of CBD last different periods of time, as you can see from the information above. All of these factors need to be taken into consideration. New and seasoned CBD users should be aware of the digestion process, metabolism and what their bodies need to have the best experience using CBD.

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