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How to Buy CBD Edibles and CBD Chewables Online

CBD edibles and CBD chewables are becoming more popular CBD delivery methods. These are easy and convenient ways to get a quick dose of CBD. There are several things to look for, and in this guide, we’ll explain them to ensure that when you buy CBD edibles and chewables online it’s a safe purchase.

The future of CBD edible products is uncertain as the FDA has not issued its guidelines for these products yet. For now, the agency has said that CBD-infused products can't be made available for interstate sales.

Brand’s Reputation

When you buy CBD edibles and CBD chewables online it’s a little hard to establish reputation as new brands are taking shape every day. While a brand may not have a big online presence, huge following or thousands of reviews – that doesn’t mean it’s a mediocre brand.

It’s important to understand that CBD companies are limited. It is very hard for a CBD company to allow reviews due to the massive restrictions on what can be said, according to the FDA.

If you doubt a brand, review their website and look for these key elements:

  • Third-party lab testing results that are current
  • A U.S. address
  • A contact phone number
  • Active social media accounts (remember, new brands might not have much going on social media yet)
  • Complete product descriptions that list ingredients

Some might have a live chat feature – if this is an option, consider starting a conversation to ask a question. If the responses seem generic, call into the company instead. Interaction is important – those interacting with customers should be actual employees of the company and should not be from an outside service.


Ingredients are important when you buy CBD edibles and chewables online. One of the reasons that consumers choose hemp and CBD products is because they are natural. The ingredients used to make your treat or snack should be natural as well.

If there is an ingredient that you are not familiar with – ask the company what it is or do a little research for yourself to determine if it is a desired ingredient or not. Some companies do use natural preservatives in their products that cause no harm.

Serving Size

How much of the CBD edible or chewable do you have to eat to get your ideal dose? How many doses of CBD are in a single edible? How much does the product cost?

When you buy CBD edibles and chewables online, these questions are important to answer. You need to know how many servings the manufacturer intends the product to be. You also need to know how many milligrams of CBD are expected to be in each dose.

It’s also ideal to know what your ideal dose is and if the suggested serving size is right for your needs. The dose in each serving may also play a role in how long the effects of CBD last.


As with any CBD product, when you buy CBD edibles and chewables online, you want to look for third-party lab testing results. The edibles and chewables should be tested for purity, quality and inclusion of ingredients. If this is not available on a brand’s website, ask for it.

Closing Thoughts

If you buy CBD edibles and chewables keep the tips in this guide handy. There are dozens of factors to keep in mind, including your own budget. Think of what it costs you to make a batch of cookies, brownies or a cake – then add the cost of a dose of CBD. If you can make your own cheaper and control the ingredients, it might be a better option. Baking with CBD oil, however, is rather tricky to do since higher temperatures can actually kill the CBD.

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