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How Versatile is the Hemp Plant?

You’ve probably heard that the hemp plant can be used in multiple beauty and CBD products, but what else can it be used for? The hemp plant is one of the most versatile plants on the earth. Would you buy a car made from hemp plastic? Would you live in a house made with hemp wood and hempcrete? These are just samples of what this plant is capable of.

There's more to the hemp plant than just hemp CBD oil and hemp seeds. Did you know that hemp CBD tinctures also have several uses themselves?

Livestock Bedding

Hemp can be used to make livestock bedding. While it may be a little expensive right now, once more hemp is grown in the U.S., the price will come down. The advantage of being a hemp farmer is you’d be able to use some of your own crop to make hemp bedding.

Another advantage of using hemp bedding is that it’s more absorbent than straw or sawdust. This means that your barns will have less urine smell.


Have you heard of hempcrete? It’s a lightweight, durable concrete made from the hemp plant. It’s strong and can withstand being exposed to the elements very well. Some buildings in Europe that were built some 4,000 years ago were found to have hempcrete as part of their building materials.

Fibers within the core of the hemp plant contain high amounts of cellulose. Cellulose makes strong materials for construction materials – even in the automotive industry.

Yes, hemp can be made into plastic due to its high cellulose content. Some manufacturers like BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz use hemp plastic in some of their luxury cars. The material is ideal for door panels.


Hemp clothing is re-emerging as the industry gets more attention. Right now, as with many other hemp products, the clothing items are a little expensive. But, there’s another reason for that. Hemp clothing is so durable that it can last decades, so you probably won’t be making multiple purchases a year unless you’re just adding to your wardrobe.

It withstands being exposed to the elements; it doesn’t deteriorate with multiple washings. It’s breathable.

Some think that hemp clothing is scratchy and uncomfortable, but the modern way of making hemp fabric allows it to be just as soft, if not softer, than cotton.

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil is ideal for hair treatments, cooking applications and even moisturizing patches of dry skin. There are no cannabinoids in hemp seed oil. The seeds are cold pressed, in the same way that olives are pressed to make olive oil.

The flavor is a little nutty. Hemp seed oil should be stored in a cool, dark place. It is sensitive to heat, so it should not be used in high heat applications either.

Quality hemp seed oil will be sold in dark colored bottles to help protect it from light and heat.

Closing Thoughts

It’s thought that the hemp plant could have more than 25,000 uses. The number of uses will increase as more hemp becomes available as cultivation increases. When we have more hemp available, product creators can get busy developing new applications for this extremely versatile crop.

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