Is CBD Safe for Senior Citizens?

Is CBD Safe for Senior Citizens?

CBD or Cannabidiol is one the most commonly used cannabinoids of the hemp plant. CBD Products are being used by almost 15 percent of senior American citizens due to their remarkable healing powers. Although CBD is being tried and tested, some seniors still hesitate to try it even once. All the risk factors and myths have them tied down, and all that matters is whether CBD is safe for seniors or not. This write-up is going to change a lot for you if you're a senior and still wondering if CBD is safe for you.

CBD may help improve various mental and physical health conditions in patients of all ages. It won't be fair to neglect its positive health effects for individuals going through various discomforts. The good part is that regular intake can play quite a crucial role in the individual's overall well-being. You might have heard of the benefits of CBD for seniors that keep attracting you towards it. It may help you:

  • Manage Pain
  • Attain Emotional stability
  • Improve Immunity
  • Improve Sleep quality
  • Enhance blood circulation
  • Boost metabolism
  • Slow down degeneration and Aging

Most of the seniors, particularly above the age of 65, go through degeneration of various body structures as the age advances. As a result, they end up with deteriorated bodies that are even worse. As much as we know CBD and the way it functions, it can directly address these health problems. But somehow, things like its side effects and potential risks can prevent you from trying this. So here's all you need to know to crack this down.

CBD; the Course of Functioning

The sales of CBD products have dwindled up from 0.5 Billion Dollars to 1.8 Billion Dollars in just one year. There's no wonder how therapeutic it can be. It all comes down to how it functions and works in your body to provide you with health benefits. We presume that if one thoroughly goes through the mechanism of CBD’s functioning, it’s not a big deal to figure out if it’s safe or not.

These thrashing sales are evidence of how CBD is widely being used. This is because CBD is not addictive, nor does it get you high. Many other cannabinoids, mainly THC, are known to get you high, which is not the case with CBD. In addition, CBD products are legalized, and THC is not allowed in them in any quantity of more than 0.3%. This means that you'll not even get high. CBD has also been incorporated into various bedtime products without making users high or addicted to using it regularly.

CBD functions by direct interactions with the cannabinoid receptors and the endocannabinoid system of the body. This endocannabinoid system is responsible for regulating several bodily functions that are otherwise messed up due to aging factors.

Different Individuals report that their pain and other medical and mental discomforts seem to ease off by using CBD regularly. These Individuals include senior citizens as well. The most significant reason that plays its role in helping CBD earn so much name is the minimum number of potential health risks.

Safe Doses For Seniors

The same CBD product, which is generally safe, can be risky if consumed in extensively large doses. This means it's essential to keep an eye on your doses. Being a senior citizen, you have to be careful to consume the right amounts of CBD. The immune system of your tendency to become weaker as age advances and aging mechanisms get faster. That's why the tolerance levels might also get lower as compared to other individuals. That's why it's highly recommended to be careful with doses.

Now the question arises: how can you set up doses? It's important to consider that there are several CBD products in the market. There's a product for each one of you. Varying in the mode of consumption, these products also vary in their doses. Therefore, you have to balance your doses according to the product you're using. Capsules and gummies generally have a fixed dose of CBD. While if you go for the classic oil, you can easily adjust the dosage.

Something that generally makes things a bit complicated is that CBD doses have not been subjected to rigorous experimentation. So the individuals have to figure this out themselves. So it's pretty much a trial and error process where the individuals start with a minimal dose and then start increasing it gradually until they reach a point where they're comfortable with the effects.

Finding a Safe Supplier:

CBD is everywhere now, and several investors are entering the market. In the circumstances like these, you're very likely to meet the black sheep of the market. Buying CBD products from these brands can be harmful. CBD has recently made its place, and right now, we lack that kind of regulatory body that could ensure quality checks on all brands. It is probably a part of growth. Unless we have those regulatory checks, it's important to have a keen eye on what you’re buying.

Now that question arises, why is it important to be vigilant? Recently many brands were caught red-handed, selling CBD products that are either not pure or have THC levels more than the legally prescribed amount. Not only this, many brands were selling CBD products that were contaminated with impurities, while some of the CBD Products didn't have CBD at all. So it's quite clear that many people are making their way to the flourishing CBD market just to make money.

Although CBD itself isn't harmful, being careless about the source of the product can leave you disappointed with the results. And if you're looking for the natural therapeutic effects of CBD products, find a reliable retailer. Interact with customers and figure out if they had a good experience with the brand. Visit websites and study the brand's story. See if it's a genuine brand. Also, try to choose brands that have their name well-established. Finally, go for brands that are tested and guaranteed by third-party lab tests.

Does CBD Have Any Side Effects On Seniors

Cannabidiol is one of the 113 cannabinoids of the cannabis plant that is known to be the least harmful in any way. Its lowest Potential to cause any harm makes it widely applicable for patients of all age groups, even pets. In addition, many experiments show that CBD, even when used up to 1500 mg doses, doesn’t cause harm to the health.

CBD products are extensively subjected to testing and experimentations. These tests demonstrate the harmless nature of CBD. And probably that is why we find the legal professionals finding ways to legalize it to the utmost level so that everyone can seek medicinal advantages from CBD.

You’ll be surprised to know that many Researchers suggest that CBD is way safer and less addictive than medicinal alternatives. Using opioids for long periods can be harmful to the immune system. So using CBD instead may help reduce the potential risks of side effects while managing stress and pain.

Interaction Of CBD With Other Medications

As the age advances, you tend to get dependent on various medications to deal with various ailments associated with degenerative processes. These medications generally become a part of your everyday life. These medications may include painkillers, anticancer agents, blood thinners, and cholesterol medications. So the question arises if taking CBD is fine with other medicinal drugs. Therefore, it's important to understand the interaction of CBD with other medications.

If you're a senior taking medication along with CBD, your doses will be different from someone who's not taking any medicine. Keep the amounts less than average in the beginning to see how it works for you. Have a deep eye on the effects of CBD on your body. Keep a journal to keep track of everything. It is presumed that CBD products help to metabolize these drugs better. Its interaction with the endocannabinoid system improves various mechanisms of the body, including metabolic activities. That's how you'll see that the medications work even better.

If you have to take a dose of 5mg, take half of it in the starting days and increase it gradually. Also, consider consulting your doctor to make sure that you're always safe.

Final Thoughts:

CBD is known to have therapeutic effects on individuals of all ages, significantly seniors. However, seniors have a comparatively higher rate of medical discomforts occurring every day. In addition, there are various mental and physical conditions persistently affecting them and hindering their good lifestyle.

CBD can help them live a comfortable life without causing side effects or discomforts like conventional medications. However, these medications can have adverse effects if used for long periods. While CBD is free from such risks.

CBD is safe to be used if certain measures are followed while choosing, buying, and using these products. It is important to choose the right products and make sure that you consider talking to your doctor about their use.

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