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The Different Types of CBD Oil

Did you know that there are different types of CBD oil? Many consumers don’t know the difference from one type to another. In this guide, we’ll explain each one and which are superior to others. It’s important to know what you’re buying.

Our goal at CalmWay is to ensure that our customers have a quality product while providing valuable information to help you determine which type of CBD oil is right for you.

4 Different Types of CBD Oil

One of the most frequently asked questions in the CBD industry is which type of CBD oil is better. Full spectrum and broad spectrum derived from full spectrum are the superior types of CBD oil to use. While CBD isolate may work well for some, it cannot achieve the entourage effect.

With CBD isolate, you have just 1 cannabinoid – cannabidiol. Everything else that was naturally present in the hemp plant prior to extraction and filtration processes is removed. The terpenes and any additional cannabinoids are gone. Some CBD isolate products will have terpenes reintroduced during the mixing process with a carrier oil.

For those that must avoid THC at all costs, CBD isolate or broad spectrum from isolate will be the best ideas. It is important to understand that there are cannabinoids and some terpenes missing, so the product may not be as beneficial to your individual needs.

What is Broad Spectrum CBD Oil?

Broad spectrum CBD oil is somewhat new to the industry. Before, it was either full spectrum or isolate. Broad spectrum CBD oil can be made from either full spectrum or isolate.

During the filtration processes, most or all of the THC is removed when the oil starts as full spectrum. Some manufacturers prefer to leave just a small amount of THC in their formulas, not only to remain FDA compliant but to also achieve the entourage effect. When some THC is left in the formula, it is typically less than 0.1% THC – which will not induce a high.

When these formulas are mixed, terpenes and some additional cannabinoids may be added. Terpenes help improve the flavor and aroma of a CBD tincture but may lend a hand to efficacy since they do have accepted therapeutic benefits. Studies have shown the benefits of including terpenes with cannabinoids

Which Type of CBD Oil is Superior?

It’s a tie when it comes to superiority and CBD oil. Full spectrum and broad spectrum derived from full spectrum are superior. These two types are capable of producing the entourage effect. Since most or all of the originally present cannabinoids remain in these formulations, the entourage effect is possible. Added plant-based terpenes help enhance and aid the entourage effect.

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to choosing a type of CBD oil, it’s important to think about what your body needs. Your lifestyle and employment situation also play a role. Where returning a positive drug test could cost you your job, you’d want to go with either CBD isolate or broad spectrum derived from isolate since these will be THC-free.

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