What Can CBN Do For Me?

Over the last few years, cannabis-derived products have infiltrated every part of life. From wellness
industries to health departments, various products have emerged. You might have heard about the
potential health benefits of cannabidiol that have taken the world by storm. However, there is a relatively
new cannabis-derived compound that is becoming as popular as CBD. CBN – Cannabinol is a new
cannabinoid that offers relaxing, calming, and sleepy properties. It means that you can get a more restful
and deep natural sleep by taking CBN oil or other products.
You might be wondering how this new popping-up cannabinoid can impart better sleep. People who
experience grogginess and hangovers after taking melatonin for better sleep are interested in this natural
alternative. Most probably, you might be more familiar with CBD than CBN. CBD products have exploded
the cannabis market with the legalization of recreational cannabis. Besides CBD, some minor
cannabinoids have gained momentum, such as CBN.
Let's take a look at the effectiveness of CBN for sleep, how it works, and the differences between CBD
vs. CBN.
What Is CBN?
Cannabinol, aka CBN, is a minor cannabinoid derived from the hemp plant. CBN is a mildly psychoactive
chemical compound that comes from the oxidation and decomposition of Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid –
THC-A. Manufacturers heat the THC and expose it to CO2

, which converts to cannabinol. Typically, the
psychoactive response of CBN lies in between the THC & CBD – slightly more than CBD but much less
than THC.
So, what makes CBN the latest and greatest cannabis-derived cannabinoid? CBN purportedly has
beneficial effects on users' natural sleep cycle. The relaxing and sedative effects of CBN effectively aids
sleep and stimulates one's appetite.
CBN vs. CBD:
For beginners, it is hard to keep track of all these acronyms – CBN, CBD, and CBG. However, all these
cannabinoids differ from each other due to their chemical structure and properties. Despite their similar
names, CBD & CBN vary considerably.
CBD is the second most abundant non-intoxicant cannabinoid of the cannabis plant. In general,
manufacturers obtain cannabidiol from the hemp plant that has higher CBD content. Also, they can breed
cannabis plants with high concentrations of CBD.
Contrary to this, CBN is a minor cannabinoid that comes from the breakdown of THC. Manufacturers
expose the primary psychoactive cannabinoid THC into heat which converts into CBN. Additionally, it's
harder to find CBN products than CBD. Because CBD is a well-studied and well-known cannabinoid as
various companies are manufacturing CBD-infused products. On the other hand, CBN is less accessible.
CBN a Sleep Aid Miracle:
You might have heard people rave about the potential benefit of CBN oil as a sleep aid. Right now, there
is some anecdotal evidence and research studies that can indicate CBN as a sleep booster.
One pretty old research study published in 1975 found that CBN has sedative effects [1]. Researchers
study the combined therapeutic effects of delta-9 THC and cannabinol on man. And found that CBN may
enhance the effects of delta-9 as the participants experience sturdy sedative effects than with THC
In short, little is known about cannabinol and its sleep aid properties.
Moreover, you can find CBN-infused melatonin sleep supplements. Generally, your body produces a
small proportion of melatonin – a hormone that maintains the sleep-wake cycle. Therefore, a small
amount of melatonin in the combo of CBN may emulate the body's natural sleep cycle to produce
Other Effects of CBN:

Though CBN has not been well researched, some research studies are promising. Here is the few recent
and limited amount of research:
● CBN may relieve muscle aches and discomfort: A 2019 study on the combined effects of
CBD & CBN found that it might be able to soothe myofascial aches and discomfort [2].
● CBN may stimulate appetite: Appetite stimulation is essential in people with certain conditions..
A research study about curative benefits of CBN in a combination of CBD reports that CBN may
stimulate appetite. Cannabinol intake results in the uptake of more food for a prolonged period
● CBN may be neuroprotective: The therapeutic properties of CBN might delay the onset of
nerve cell and brain illnesses. [4].
● CBN might have antibacterial properties: A study on the antibacterial cannabinoids of the
cannabis plant found that CBN can affect MRSA bacteria,. Its remarkably tolerant activity can kill
these bacteria [5].
However, further research and anecdotal shreds of evidence are necessary to prove these health
benefits of CBN. Additionally, there are no known side effects of CBN, which means CBN lacks enough
studies to find them.
Is CBN Legal to Use?
People who want to try cannabinol to aid their sleep and stimulate appetite must be concerned about its
legality. The Farm Bill 2018 has legalized hemp-derived CBD products containing less than 0.3% THC.
So, it depends on the source of CBN, whether the manufacturers obtain it from the hemp plant or
Most US states have legalized CBN oil and other products as CBD products. If you are interested in
trying CBN oil, be sure to check your state laws and regulation about marijuana. Also, you can check the
product COA to ensure the legal amount of tetrahydrocannabinol – THC.
The Takeaway:
With the rising popularity of cannabis and cannabis-derived products, users must know the difference
between its cannabinoids. Each cannabinoid serves your health and well-being differently. Similar to
CBD and CBG, CBN oil has gained popularity due to its enticing mild psychoactive properties.
Regardless of your health status, we recommend you speak to your healthcare provider before
incorporating any supplement, including CBN oil. Additionally, be sure to purchase CBN oil from a
reputable seller that ensures third-party lab tests. Currently, FDA has not regulated any hemp-derived
product, which means anyone can hypothetically produce and sell CBD & CBN products. So, you need
to read the product label to confirm the cannabinoid makeup of the product.
Lastly, if you are new to CBN, start with a relatively low dosage and gradually increase it to achieve your
sweet spot.
Give a try to an increasingly popular natural sleep booster!

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