What is Delta-8; Why Is It Getting So Popular?

The mere discovery of Delta-8 made Dr. Raphael Mechoulam win the title of "Godfather of Cannabis." 

The legalization of different cannabis cannabinoids, specifically Delta-8 THC, has quickly added to its fame. Researchers and the public have both been attracted by its potential benefits that go far beyond simply relaxing.  

The tremendously increasing hype of delta-8 is gaining all its pace, and that too for legitimate reasons. As a result, many investors and vendors have been incentivized to use delta-8 to make the best products possible for consumers. So it makes quite a place in the retails too. 

Although hemp plants and marijuana share a similar family, one minor difference makes hemp plant derivatives far better than marijuana. They widely differ in the comparative concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Since hemp plants contain fewer intoxicants and potent extracts, delta-8 and other hemp plant extracts don't actually get you high. 

But what is all the hype of Delta-8 about? Stick around to learn what delta-8 is and what makes it so popular among medical researchers and the general public.

What is Delta-8?

Who's not aware of the enormously expanding cannabinoids of the cannabis plant? Hardly anyone! Delta-8 is quite a new cannabinoid making its way to the center of attention of medical researchers.

Various psychoactive and anxiolytic abilities of delta-8 help it pave its way into the market. Like all the other cannabinoids, it's derived from the hemp plant. Delta-8 makes its way to the market after a process of purification and further conversion into many forms such as; 

  • Oils
  • Vape
  • Tinctures
  • Gummies
  • Infused flowers.

Although delta-8 is a naturally occurring isomer of delta-9, extracted from cannabis plants, it needs to be synthesized artificially in laboratories to meet the increasing demand. It is because only 0.1% of the cannabis plant consists of delta-8. 

Delta-8 THC vs. Delta-9 THC

Delta-8 and Delta-9, although having a similar structure, differ in the positions of double bonds. Delta-8 and delta-9 have their double bonds on the 8th and 9th carbon atoms, respectively. This minor difference makes delta-8 less potent hence safer than Delta-9.

However, the similar molecular structure of cannabinoids is no less than God's gift. This very fact makes it relatively easy to convert one cannabinoid to another. Since delta-8 is an isomer of delta-9, it can easily be synthesized in laboratories through isomerization.  

What Makes Delta-8 THC So Popular?

Figuring out the popularity factors of Delta-8 blows the mind with interesting facts. The wholesale value and relaxing properties of delta-8 products make it noticeably popular, along with customers' irresistible response. 

  • Wholesale Value Of Delta-8:
  • The tremendously increasing prices of delta-8 per kilogram ranging from fifteen hundred to two thousand dollars ($1500-$2000) themselves dig deep into the facts of how popular it’s been getting lately. Shockingly, the stats show that the prices have been even greater last year.

  • Increased Demand:
  • Many smoke shop owners have been admitting lately how the introduction of delta-8 products has helped them increase retails. There is a great deal of attraction for delta-8 products among large audiences, meaning that people seek an extract that can give them the relaxation they desire without producing intoxicating effects on their minds or bodies.

  • Increased Retails:
  • Various reports studying delta-8 demand gradients across the market by the public clearly show how delta-8 seems to influence online and physical retails. Especially the course of time during the pandemic left many people with nothing but more desire to relax and escape from stress. 

    This condition also induced enhanced demand for hemp-derived cannabinoids products, especially delta-8. Furthermore, its potential ability to induce healthy responses to various body activities also makes it favorable. As a result, the investors and manufacturers seemed to be inspired to produce what the public wanted; delta-8 products.

  • Legitimization Of Delta-8:
  • Moreover, the legitimization of delta-8, too, played its role in making it the town's talk. There has been noticeable progress every day to make different cannabis extracts legal and safe for consumers. 

  • Potential Benefits:
  • The nutrition benefits of the hemp plant are also worth mentioning when it comes to factors affecting its popularity in public. Various researches propose facts in favor of delta-8 regarding its potential miraculous abilities to assist in metabolic, anxiolytic, analgesic, and other types of body functions. 

    How Can Delta-8 Benefit Your Body?

    Delta-8 has the potential ability to synchronize with various activities taking place in your body that may result in a substantial improvement in body processes. Recent research from the National Cancer Institute brings forth some interesting facts regarding the wonders of delta-8. Here’s a sneak peek at a few of them. 

    Assistance In The Homeostatic Processes: 

    The medical experts from the National Cancer Institute unleashed many new aspects of the therapeutic potentials of Delta-8. They believe Delta-8 is the CB1 receptor’s best friend. It manages to bind with it, assisting homeostatic functions throughout the body. In simpler words, Delta-8 can help improve body balance. 

    Delta-8 and a Healthier Brain:

    If you’re wondering how Delta-8 may induce positive effects in the brain, here’s all you need to know:

    Experts found out that Delta-8 has a tremendous ability to help the body in the production of neurotransmitters.  Recent research from the National Library of Medicine extensively analyses the notable capacities of delta-8 to aid in the maintenance of a vital neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, in the nervous system.

    If this leaves you wondering what acetylcholine exactly has to do with the brain's well-being, it's critically responsible for maintaining essential brain functions like cognition, arousal, and memory. 

    Enhanced appetite:

    Researchers from the National Library of Medicine firmly believe in the potential benefits of delta-8 to improve gut health and aid in enhanced appetite. In 2004, research brought forth some impressive facts about the abilities of delta-8 to induce increased appetite. 

    Relieving Effects for Nausea:

    A focused analysis of the effects of delta-8 undergoing conditions accompanied by nausea shows positive results somehow. Patients of chemotherapy go through various side effects, including nausea. These peristaltic sensations seemed to get substantially reduced by the effects of delta-8 on cancer patients. A study in 1995 showed a 100 percent success rate on 480 patients. 

    Analgesic Effects:

    The way we experience pain may vary. It depends on how intense the pain is and what are the potential causes of the pain. This pain is cured through various analgesic agents, and the extent of analgesic properties of all agents differs accordingly. Researches show that delta-8 is also a potential assistant to the cure of pain in various health conditions.

    Delta-8 and Anxiety Symptoms:

    Researchers love how delta-8 seems to help with soothing effects to cure anxiety and other physiological effects related to anxiety. According to a recent journal Delta-8 has the potential capacity to induce effects similar to anxiolytic agents thrashing a wave of relief into the body. 

    Since Delta-8 isn’t a certified medicinal drug to treat all these conditions, consider taking expert advice. 


    Delta-8 being a less potent cannabinoid, leaves relaxing effects on the mind and body without harming them. The way delta-8 is easily synthesized artificially through laboratory procedures led it to swiftly make its way to the market in the form of various products. Researchers also suggest its wholesome effects on health through assistance in various body processes. 

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