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What to Avoid when Buying CBD Products

It’s important to know what to avoid when buying CBD products to ensure that you’re obtaining clean, safe options. With the CBD market growing at such a rapid pace, it can be difficult to know what sources of CBD products are reliable. In this guide, we’ll help you understand the things to avoid when buying CBD products.

Don’t Buy CBD from These Sources

Just because CBD is listed on a website or available in-store for purchase, that doesn’t mean it’s a quality CBD product. Groupon is one source to avoid when buying CBD products. They don’t check out the companies that are posting deals, so there’s no way to know if the CBD is clean, safe, pure, tested and is what it says it is.

You should also avoid buying CBD at kiosk locations inside malls, retail stores and street markets. Farmer’s markets are not included in this list as some reputable CBD companies do have products available at farmer’s markets. In mall kiosks, those little stands are just things to grab your attention. The items are often low-quality or seem like a good deal at the time.

Unless a kiosk has information about a brand that includes the company’s name, contact information, website and recent, unaltered lab results available – do not purchase CBD products from these retailers.

Even some recreational cannabis retail stores are less than ideal for purchasing CBD products since they’re catering to the recreational market and not those using CBD for wellness support or other reasons.

Double Check Label Information

When you’re buying CBD products it’s important to review the label. There are a few things to avoid when buying CBD that you can find just by looking closely at a label. First, look at the amount of active CBD listed in the ingredients list. This amount should match the amount of CBD that the front of the label states.

If you see something such as 1000 mg CBD @20%, this means that the bottle only contains 800 mg of CBD and the other 20% is other “plant matter”. This is not quality CBD and should be avoided.

Look at the type of carrier oil used. MCT oil, olive oil and coconut oil are the preferred carrier oils. Hemp seed oil may also be listed, and that is okay too. Hemp seed oil is a healthy oil but is not often used as the sole carrier oil for the CBD product due to its cost. Hemp seed oil is typically used in combination with another carrier oil.

Make sure to read all of the ingredients of the CBD product. Things on labels to avoid when buying CBD include chemicals, artificial flavors, artificial colors and preservatives.

Closing Thoughts

We hope that knowing what to avoid when buying CBD will help you make the right purchases. At CalmWay, we work hard to ensure that our products are pure and clean. We make sure that only the highest-quality ingredients are used. We skip artificial ingredients to bring you a product with natural, clean ingredients.

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