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Why does the Color of CBD Oil Vary?


You might notice that the color of CBD oil might be different, not only from different companies but from batch-to-batch as well. There are a few reasons for that. We’ll also give you a head’s up on what color oil is superior to the rest.

Cultivation Process

The season that the hemp used to extract the CBD from does play a role in the color of the oil. The conditions during that growing season also matter. When hemp is cultivated at the peak of its growing season in a particular region, it produces a better crop to work with.

How the plant was grown matters. The soil quality plays a role since the hemp plant is like a sponge – it will pick up anything that is in the soil. Starting with good soil is a must.


Type of CBD oil

Full spectrum and broad spectrum derived from full spectrum will be darker. These forms of CBD oil have undergone less processing. Raw CBD oil is very dark green in color. This is because it has not had anything removed from it such as chlorophyll, plant matter and any other unwanted components.

Broad spectrum with THC removed, from isolate or isolate typically have very little to no color. CBD crystalline will be clear or white.

Type of Carrier Oil Used

The carrier oil used does matter. Take olive oil for example, it has a natural greenish hue to it, which does carry over into the CBD oil. Tinctures made with MCT oil or coconut oil will only show the color of the CBD oil.


The way the oil is extracted and processed also plays a role. If the CBD oil is winterized oil is typically a little more on the amber side of the color spectrum. Distilled CBD oil is lighter in color – it should have a light golden color. The less processed or filtered an oil is, the darker it will be.

The more filtered and processed an oil is, the lighter it will be. This is because items like chlorophyll, plant materials and other unnecessary components are removed. Extra processes are completed to remove chlorophyll from most CBD products, which is why most of the products on the market are clear to very light golden in color.

Additional Ingredients

While most manufacturers use colorless additional ingredients like terpenes and flavored extracts, some do have color and may be represented in the color of the final product.

The Superior Color of CBD Oil

The ideal color of CBD oil that you want is a light to medium golden color. With that being said, full spectrum CBD oil reigns supreme with broad spectrum derived from full spectrum following right behind. The oil should not be dark or black.

Closing Thoughts

There isn’t much to worry about if the color of CBD oil is a little different than the last product you purchased from a manufacturer. The only time you really need to question quality is when there is a drastic change in color or you can’t see through the oil. Keep in mind – the fewer filtration processes the oil goes through, the darker it will be.

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